Sunday, September 28, 2008

Not a Creature Was Stirring

It was around 10:30pm on Friday night when I realized I did not hear the dogs. Usually this is a cause for concern. Like kids, when they are quiet they are up to no good. After a little searching this is what I found. They had put themselves to bed. I could not help but snap a few photos, it was just so darn sweet.

Friday was also my first day of disability. Between the back pain and the heart palpitations the doc pulled me out at 22 weeks. Although I do feel like a bit of a wimp, it is the best solution not only for Lucas and me, but our family as well. That back pain was making me quite cranky and severely limiting my ability to do much of anything after work. I guess I won't have much of an excuse to not get somewhat caught up on my scrapbooking!
Yesterday we had the privilege of celebrating our friend Michele's 40th birthday. Her husband threw her a surprise party. He did a great job and had a fabulous turnout. She was surprised beyond belief! For the first ten minutes all she could say was "Oh my God!" Nothing beats celebrating your birthday with close friends and family. It truly makes the celebration special. My heart swelled with joy for her! Plus we had a ton of fun visiting with all of our friends. I have not laughed that hard in a loooong time. We were in hilarious company! Finally! My crafting "corner" is complete! YAY!!! Now I have a space to call my own! With Lucas's arrival pending we had to move my craft corner to an alternative location in the house. As it turns out, I like this little nook better. It overlooks the living room. Now I don't feel so cut off from the family while I enjoy my Yvette-Time. Plus, it is still upstairs so I can be near the kids while they play. Todd and I invested in craft cubes (available at Michael's and Target). I was surprised at how handy and efficient they are. Plus they are not too pricey (especially with a 40% off coupon from Michael's.) We then added a "desktop" that I painted, and a skirt underneath to add a little prettiness. It is so comforting to have everything in its place. I still have my craft closet, which is more chaotic than I would like. But I don't see that changing anytime soon. Part of my ribbon stash. A girl can never have too many bows!

Pointy Kitty, a Hillary Lang/Wee Wonderfuls free pattern. He was pretty fun to make.

My pretty curtain. I have had this fabric sitting around for over a year, just waiting for the perfect project. Lo and behold, that project finally came.

Projects waiting to be completed

Closet of Chaos! Seriously, a girl can never have too much ribbon!

We ordered Lucas's crib. I am super-excited!!! Another big step in preparing for our new little bundle of joy. I found a solid pine crib that came from a sustainable forest. We are trying to go a little more green. Actually, I am trying to go a little more green. Todd just goes along with the program unless it costs him too much green. I found a great website that specializes in green products and furniture, Our crib looks a little different, we ordered it in white and of course we will have different bedding. But here it is, the Emily Convertible Crib: I owe a tremendously huge THANK YOU to my wonderful in-laws who purchased the crib for us. We are so lucky to be blessed with so many thoughtful and generous family members and friends. I wish everyone could be as lucky as we are. Our family's generosity has been overwhelming and touching. We love them so much. Not because of what they give us, but because of their love, support, and unity. I also have to take this moment to brag. I so often hear people moan about their in-laws. I am blessed to have in-laws I adore and enjoy spending time with! They openly welcomed Maddie and me into their family from day one. I get not one, but two sets of parents that I cherish!

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