Sunday, September 28, 2008

Not a Creature Was Stirring

It was around 10:30pm on Friday night when I realized I did not hear the dogs. Usually this is a cause for concern. Like kids, when they are quiet they are up to no good. After a little searching this is what I found. They had put themselves to bed. I could not help but snap a few photos, it was just so darn sweet.

Friday was also my first day of disability. Between the back pain and the heart palpitations the doc pulled me out at 22 weeks. Although I do feel like a bit of a wimp, it is the best solution not only for Lucas and me, but our family as well. That back pain was making me quite cranky and severely limiting my ability to do much of anything after work. I guess I won't have much of an excuse to not get somewhat caught up on my scrapbooking!
Yesterday we had the privilege of celebrating our friend Michele's 40th birthday. Her husband threw her a surprise party. He did a great job and had a fabulous turnout. She was surprised beyond belief! For the first ten minutes all she could say was "Oh my God!" Nothing beats celebrating your birthday with close friends and family. It truly makes the celebration special. My heart swelled with joy for her! Plus we had a ton of fun visiting with all of our friends. I have not laughed that hard in a loooong time. We were in hilarious company! Finally! My crafting "corner" is complete! YAY!!! Now I have a space to call my own! With Lucas's arrival pending we had to move my craft corner to an alternative location in the house. As it turns out, I like this little nook better. It overlooks the living room. Now I don't feel so cut off from the family while I enjoy my Yvette-Time. Plus, it is still upstairs so I can be near the kids while they play. Todd and I invested in craft cubes (available at Michael's and Target). I was surprised at how handy and efficient they are. Plus they are not too pricey (especially with a 40% off coupon from Michael's.) We then added a "desktop" that I painted, and a skirt underneath to add a little prettiness. It is so comforting to have everything in its place. I still have my craft closet, which is more chaotic than I would like. But I don't see that changing anytime soon. Part of my ribbon stash. A girl can never have too many bows!

Pointy Kitty, a Hillary Lang/Wee Wonderfuls free pattern. He was pretty fun to make.

My pretty curtain. I have had this fabric sitting around for over a year, just waiting for the perfect project. Lo and behold, that project finally came.

Projects waiting to be completed

Closet of Chaos! Seriously, a girl can never have too much ribbon!

We ordered Lucas's crib. I am super-excited!!! Another big step in preparing for our new little bundle of joy. I found a solid pine crib that came from a sustainable forest. We are trying to go a little more green. Actually, I am trying to go a little more green. Todd just goes along with the program unless it costs him too much green. I found a great website that specializes in green products and furniture, Our crib looks a little different, we ordered it in white and of course we will have different bedding. But here it is, the Emily Convertible Crib: I owe a tremendously huge THANK YOU to my wonderful in-laws who purchased the crib for us. We are so lucky to be blessed with so many thoughtful and generous family members and friends. I wish everyone could be as lucky as we are. Our family's generosity has been overwhelming and touching. We love them so much. Not because of what they give us, but because of their love, support, and unity. I also have to take this moment to brag. I so often hear people moan about their in-laws. I am blessed to have in-laws I adore and enjoy spending time with! They openly welcomed Maddie and me into their family from day one. I get not one, but two sets of parents that I cherish!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

The $420 Dog

Now, I know $420 does not sound like a lot when purchasing a dog, but it is a large pill to swallow when it comes to emergency vet care for your pooch on a Sunday morning! UGH... Both dogs decided to get into the chicken compost I was saving for our backyard. But to them it seemed much more fun to rip apart the bag, spread the "dirt" everywhere, and watch Mom clean it up! Of course Tilly (our pure white dog) decided to lay in it which resulted in a bath. Mischa decided it was better as an appetizer and ate it. These things always happen when Todd is not at home. I am not sure if you have ever bathed a husky, but it is no easy fete. All that hair... Mischa developed a vomiting problem due to what the vet called her "dietary indiscretion". Is that what you call eating chicken poo, dietary indiscretion? Fortunately Todd was home by the time the vomiting began. Unfortunately, she could not wait until Monday when a visit to our vet would have been considerably cheaper. We wound up with a vet fee, x-ray fee, IV fluid fee, and a an anti-nausea injection fee. All to the tune of $420. Damn it's a good thing she is so sweet and pretty! The trials and tribulations of dog ownership!

Todd and Steve flew to NYC last week to see one of the final Yankee games at Yankee Stadium. They had a blast! He was overjoyed to experience Yankee Stadium in person. Todd's dream is to visit all eight original baseball stadiums (apparently a big deal if you are a die-hard baseball fan!)

I was glad that they were able to have such a great trip. Seeing the game and stadium, taking in the NYC sights, visiting Ground Zero, and visiting as many bars and pubs as possible. It was tough for me while Todd was gone. Aside from the dog incident, I visited the doctor for heart palpitations and was laid up with severe back pain. Definitely missing the help that my loving husband provides around the house! But it was not all in vain. He came home with a lovely gift from Tiffany's! I mean, is a trip to NYC complete without a visit to the mother ship? Here is my pretty little bauble:

The ring is part of their brand new line, "Tiffany Notes". I have to admit I was quite giddy to receive a new little blue box. They are few and far between, and saved for special occassions only. Therefore I really appreciate them when one comes my way.

While Todd was gone I finally finished my cubes for our living room mantle. I think they came out pretty darn cute. Lord knows they took long enough to complete!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Busy Day

Whew! What a day! I took work off for a doctor's appointment, but it was still a whirlwind of activity. And when I got home, this is what I walked into...

Yay!!! Mom's home!!!

Two crazy hounds in desperate need of a walk that was not going to come to fruition today. Consequently, I will have two crazy mounds of fluff wreaking havoc in my house all evening until they work off their energy.

Todd is off to NYC today for Friday's Yankee game. It has been his dream to see all eight original baseball stadiums. This is the Yankee's last season at their original stadium. Some of us covet NYC for the shopping, sights and attractions, others for major league baseball. Apparently this is a big deal if you are a tried and true baseball lover like me husband and his best friend.

All checked out well at the doctor. YAY! Not too much longer and will be on maternity leave. To many people it seems early for meave, but I am slllloooowwing waaaay down and experiencing tremendous back and ligament pain. Plus my doc is trying to avoid the pre-eclampsia I experienced last time. So, time to check out!

After the appointment Mom and I did lunch and played at a local quilt shop. I loooooved the quilt shop! Thimble Creek is a fabric lover's paradise. So many pretties to fondle and drool over. They have a nice Amy Butler selection, as well as a wall of vintage reproductions. Mom is making a quilt for the Little Lucas. So we had to pick out fabrics that go with his room theme (vintage cowboy).

After spending almost two hours in the quilt shop I was inspired to start the second set of Maddie's curtains. We went from one window to two windows when we moved. Below has got to be my least favorite part of any sewing project:

Trimming the edges. It is not that difficult, yet I find it painful to do. I will put off projects just because of this. So silly I know! But all is trimmed and ready to go. The fabric is an adorable Alexander Henry pin-up cowgirl.

The first set of curtains were trimmed with fun red pom poms. If I am ambitious enough I can complete them before Todd comes home. Ambition is not is ample supply these days as I am often exhausted after work and Mommy duties. So we'll see...

Speaking of making are the cubes I have been working on. Each will have our first initial, a baby photo, and a current photo. This is what I have completed thus far for Todd and me (Maddie's has not been started yet.)

Nicki had some cute headbands on her blog that she discovered on Etsy. I was so charmed by them I gave 'em a whirl. They are not only easy-squeezy, but come out pretty cute. Maddie loves them. Thank goodness! I am eager to make more.

I want some for me. But somehow I think I can pull them off. One of those things best left on a child. But maybe if I used fabric instead....

Monday, September 15, 2008

Little Lucas

Last Thursday we got our big news, a boy!!! Lucas Michael. Luke for short. I knew he was a boy, but the ultrasound confirmed it. Not only am I excited, but I am in awe as well. A boy... I have had a girl for almost six years. Boys are new a whole different ball of wax. Early 2009 will bring an exciting adventure to our lives. We cannot wait!
Maddie was over the moon with excitement. It was a moment that I, as a mother, will never forget. We came out of the ultrasound and delivered the news to her and Nana Gail. She joyously threw her arms around my belly, delivered a huge kiss and said, "I love you baby!" Then as we left the office she sang to two women, "I'm having a baby brother!!" These are the moments we live for, that tender time when your heart fills with tears and pride.
I love looking at his little opened mouth and hand above his head in this picture. The sweet little details of a baby growing inside of my belly.
Next month we have our 4D ultrasound. Ooooh, I cannot wait! Seeing our son! I wanted the grandparents and Maddie to be a part of the ultrasound experience. Have everyone see the miracle of our baby in-utero. So amazing! And needless to say I cannot wait to post those photos!
In other news, fall is fast approaching. We experienced a late season heat wave (so common here in September). But by the time school starts I am so anxious for fall I can feel it in my bones. The crispness in the air and the falling of leaves. There are so many things I love about fall. I can always tell when fall is coming, the mornings have a certain smell in the air. Almost as if you can smell the seasons changing. But the mornings are getting cooler, the mid-day shadows are longer, and evening comes sooner.
We have got all of the furniture built in the kids' room. Project #1: DONE! Next phase, project #2: painting. I am excited for this phase. Once it is complete we can bolt the shelves to the wall. Somewhat of a necessity when you live on as many faults as we do! I am eager to have it all complete so I can post photos!
In the meantime I have been keeping busy assembling furniture, organizing and crafting. Organizing my craft supplies has become a much larger project than I had ever anticipated! OY! But I am just about done. The storage cubes have all been purchased, they are filled and labeled, and the closet is pretty much organized. All I really have left to do is put the desk top on and buy a chair.
Although tiring, our major nesting project has been a blast!

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Counting My Blessings

Things have been stressful lately. Between my return to work, pregnancy/getting ready for baby, and my grandma's health. I find myself waking up at night, unable to return to my blissful slumber, my mind racing with worrisome thoughts. During these times I force myself to celebrate all of the blessings in my life. So here I am, counting my blessings...
*my husband, daughter, our families and I are healthy
*the love and support of our family and friends
*our families have been very generous in helping us to prepare for baby
*not having fertility problems. I was overjoyed to conceive right away and my heart goes out to those who struggle conceiving
*madeleine's successful return to school. she is loving every moment, including the homework
*the happiness in my dogs' faces when I return home from a day at work. I can't help but smile when their whole body wags because they are so overjoyed to see me.
*the fact that we have air conditioning during this late season heat wave
*our home. I can't think of a better place to return to after a long, arduous day.
*our new car and the quick sale of my old car
*the fabulous Cannon Rebel SLR that Todd got me for Christmas last year
*my Betsey Johnson leopard and rhinestone heals (enough to make me feel hot even at five months pregnant)
*I still have a job despite cutbacks in public education
*my craft stash. lots of goodies in there!
*our medical insurance. pregnancy would be costly without it!! YIKES!
*despite inflation we can still put food on the table, have a roof over our heads, drive our cars to and from work, and still eat out once a week. not everyone is so lucky

When I count all of my blessings, it is a challenge to focus on the bad.

I have to share my diaper bag. We will be doing his and hers. Todd and I have completely opposite ideas of what constitutes a great diaper bag. I think after you see my bag you'll understand why:

Isn't she soooo pretty?!?! A great Target find! It is not a "diaper bag" per se. I found it in the purse department. But with Madeleine I found the best diaper bags were either large purses or satchels. Just because I'm a baby-toting mommy does not mean I have to sacrifice a fabulous bag!

We also bought a rug for the baby's room. The theme will be cowboy or cowgirl (after next Thursday we will know the official theme!) Maddie's is vintage cowgirl. Pottery Barn Kids has a great cowboy rug (which is harder to find than you might think!) Not too cheesy, but still sweet.

Can you tell I am having a lot of fun getting ready for baby?

In addition to shopping and planning I have been whipping up some oh-so-cute burp cloths. I have seen the same ones at boutiques for $15-20. I knew copying them would be a cinch. I found a great tutorial on . Once they are complete I will post a photo. But these burp cloths are my new obsession! Thank goodness Sarah is having a baby too. Just another reason to make them.

I am still trucking along on my "Trick or Treat" flag banner. My mom and I found some great fabrics at a local shop that fueled our inspiration. The only downside is the lack of embellishments. ARGH! They are not as easy to come by as Christmas doo-dads. Plus the colors are not as popular. It was not until I began this endeavor did I realize the lack of orange and purple supplies out there! But here are a couple shots of the fabric and supplies I have found.

I have to say the sewing machine in the background is an oldy, but a lovely goodie! I have Mary to thank for it. It belonged to her mother and I inherited it. It is from the 60s I believe. That was when sewing machines were built to last. I love that sewing machine and am happy to report to Mary that it has been put to a lot of use since she so kindly gave it to me. The old machines are easy-squeezy to operate and that has huge appeal to me! I have enough techie gadgets, my sewing machine does not have to be one of them. I guess my machine is another item to add to my list of blessings! If it weren't for that machine our home would have no curtains and fewer pillows, and the baby's burp cloths would be quite boring!