Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Busy Day

Whew! What a day! I took work off for a doctor's appointment, but it was still a whirlwind of activity. And when I got home, this is what I walked into...

Yay!!! Mom's home!!!

Two crazy hounds in desperate need of a walk that was not going to come to fruition today. Consequently, I will have two crazy mounds of fluff wreaking havoc in my house all evening until they work off their energy.

Todd is off to NYC today for Friday's Yankee game. It has been his dream to see all eight original baseball stadiums. This is the Yankee's last season at their original stadium. Some of us covet NYC for the shopping, sights and attractions, others for major league baseball. Apparently this is a big deal if you are a tried and true baseball lover like me husband and his best friend.

All checked out well at the doctor. YAY! Not too much longer and will be on maternity leave. To many people it seems early for meave, but I am slllloooowwing waaaay down and experiencing tremendous back and ligament pain. Plus my doc is trying to avoid the pre-eclampsia I experienced last time. So, time to check out!

After the appointment Mom and I did lunch and played at a local quilt shop. I loooooved the quilt shop! Thimble Creek is a fabric lover's paradise. So many pretties to fondle and drool over. They have a nice Amy Butler selection, as well as a wall of vintage reproductions. Mom is making a quilt for the Little Lucas. So we had to pick out fabrics that go with his room theme (vintage cowboy).

After spending almost two hours in the quilt shop I was inspired to start the second set of Maddie's curtains. We went from one window to two windows when we moved. Below has got to be my least favorite part of any sewing project:

Trimming the edges. It is not that difficult, yet I find it painful to do. I will put off projects just because of this. So silly I know! But all is trimmed and ready to go. The fabric is an adorable Alexander Henry pin-up cowgirl.

The first set of curtains were trimmed with fun red pom poms. If I am ambitious enough I can complete them before Todd comes home. Ambition is not is ample supply these days as I am often exhausted after work and Mommy duties. So we'll see...

Speaking of making are the cubes I have been working on. Each will have our first initial, a baby photo, and a current photo. This is what I have completed thus far for Todd and me (Maddie's has not been started yet.)

Nicki had some cute headbands on her blog that she discovered on Etsy. I was so charmed by them I gave 'em a whirl. They are not only easy-squeezy, but come out pretty cute. Maddie loves them. Thank goodness! I am eager to make more.

I want some for me. But somehow I think I can pull them off. One of those things best left on a child. But maybe if I used fabric instead....

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