Wednesday, September 24, 2008

The $420 Dog

Now, I know $420 does not sound like a lot when purchasing a dog, but it is a large pill to swallow when it comes to emergency vet care for your pooch on a Sunday morning! UGH... Both dogs decided to get into the chicken compost I was saving for our backyard. But to them it seemed much more fun to rip apart the bag, spread the "dirt" everywhere, and watch Mom clean it up! Of course Tilly (our pure white dog) decided to lay in it which resulted in a bath. Mischa decided it was better as an appetizer and ate it. These things always happen when Todd is not at home. I am not sure if you have ever bathed a husky, but it is no easy fete. All that hair... Mischa developed a vomiting problem due to what the vet called her "dietary indiscretion". Is that what you call eating chicken poo, dietary indiscretion? Fortunately Todd was home by the time the vomiting began. Unfortunately, she could not wait until Monday when a visit to our vet would have been considerably cheaper. We wound up with a vet fee, x-ray fee, IV fluid fee, and a an anti-nausea injection fee. All to the tune of $420. Damn it's a good thing she is so sweet and pretty! The trials and tribulations of dog ownership!

Todd and Steve flew to NYC last week to see one of the final Yankee games at Yankee Stadium. They had a blast! He was overjoyed to experience Yankee Stadium in person. Todd's dream is to visit all eight original baseball stadiums (apparently a big deal if you are a die-hard baseball fan!)

I was glad that they were able to have such a great trip. Seeing the game and stadium, taking in the NYC sights, visiting Ground Zero, and visiting as many bars and pubs as possible. It was tough for me while Todd was gone. Aside from the dog incident, I visited the doctor for heart palpitations and was laid up with severe back pain. Definitely missing the help that my loving husband provides around the house! But it was not all in vain. He came home with a lovely gift from Tiffany's! I mean, is a trip to NYC complete without a visit to the mother ship? Here is my pretty little bauble:

The ring is part of their brand new line, "Tiffany Notes". I have to admit I was quite giddy to receive a new little blue box. They are few and far between, and saved for special occassions only. Therefore I really appreciate them when one comes my way.

While Todd was gone I finally finished my cubes for our living room mantle. I think they came out pretty darn cute. Lord knows they took long enough to complete!

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