Monday, September 15, 2008

Little Lucas

Last Thursday we got our big news, a boy!!! Lucas Michael. Luke for short. I knew he was a boy, but the ultrasound confirmed it. Not only am I excited, but I am in awe as well. A boy... I have had a girl for almost six years. Boys are new a whole different ball of wax. Early 2009 will bring an exciting adventure to our lives. We cannot wait!
Maddie was over the moon with excitement. It was a moment that I, as a mother, will never forget. We came out of the ultrasound and delivered the news to her and Nana Gail. She joyously threw her arms around my belly, delivered a huge kiss and said, "I love you baby!" Then as we left the office she sang to two women, "I'm having a baby brother!!" These are the moments we live for, that tender time when your heart fills with tears and pride.
I love looking at his little opened mouth and hand above his head in this picture. The sweet little details of a baby growing inside of my belly.
Next month we have our 4D ultrasound. Ooooh, I cannot wait! Seeing our son! I wanted the grandparents and Maddie to be a part of the ultrasound experience. Have everyone see the miracle of our baby in-utero. So amazing! And needless to say I cannot wait to post those photos!
In other news, fall is fast approaching. We experienced a late season heat wave (so common here in September). But by the time school starts I am so anxious for fall I can feel it in my bones. The crispness in the air and the falling of leaves. There are so many things I love about fall. I can always tell when fall is coming, the mornings have a certain smell in the air. Almost as if you can smell the seasons changing. But the mornings are getting cooler, the mid-day shadows are longer, and evening comes sooner.
We have got all of the furniture built in the kids' room. Project #1: DONE! Next phase, project #2: painting. I am excited for this phase. Once it is complete we can bolt the shelves to the wall. Somewhat of a necessity when you live on as many faults as we do! I am eager to have it all complete so I can post photos!
In the meantime I have been keeping busy assembling furniture, organizing and crafting. Organizing my craft supplies has become a much larger project than I had ever anticipated! OY! But I am just about done. The storage cubes have all been purchased, they are filled and labeled, and the closet is pretty much organized. All I really have left to do is put the desk top on and buy a chair.
Although tiring, our major nesting project has been a blast!

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