Monday, August 11, 2008

Updates, Updates, & More Updates

We have done so much this past month I don't know where to begin! I guess the biggest update is our new edition (and I don't mean the baby, long way to go for him or her!) We rescued another Siberian Husky (yes, I am a glutton for punishment.) Our new girl traveled all the way from Osan Air Force Bases in South Korea. Her origin has caused everyone to do a double take when we tell them. The question, "how did you do that?!" always follows. Mischa had been at the base's shelter for three to four months when they contacted BASH (Bay Area Siberian Husky ). The shelter flew her to SFO where she was met by a BASH member. We picked her up at their adoption fair right after she arrived. It really was quite simple given the extraordinary means of how she got here. I have been in contact with Danni, with Mischa's foster mom, who also volunteers at the shelter. I love to give her updates on well Miss Mischa is doing. She has told me so many sad and tragic animal stories that happen on base and in the shelter. Many of the people stationed there buy dogs with little thought of what will happen down the road, especially if they are shipped out. I am so glad we could provide one dog with a happy ending. Here is our girl:
Here are some of the photos of her at the Osan shelter in South Korea:
Fortunately both dogs are getting along very well. This is always a tremendous challenge with two females. Especially since I am not sure Mischa knew how to "be" a Husky. Tilly would try to play and she would just look at her with confusion and contempt. But after a week or so they began to get along. Now Mischa is playing just like a Sibe. They insist on being together the majority of the time. Where one is, the other is not too far behind!

Here are our two girls together:

In July we took a camping trip to the Coastal Redwoods along Highway 101. We camped with some friends who have two kids. Maddie loved it! It was so nice for her to have companions her own age. It was a blast camping with friends. Maddie loved her first camping experience (the first one she can remember at least.) I managed to do great despite being four months pregnant (some had their doubts.) Todd had a chance to relax for once. What a great way to get away! The redwoods always leave me speechless. They are so massive and majestic. It is hard to put into words the thoughts and feelings you experience when you see a tree that is over 2,000 years old. Todd and I have so many fond memories of our childhood camping trips, we want to provide Maddie with the same opportunities. We are already planning next summer's excursions (or at least discussing them!)

Maddie in front of the "Grandfather Tree"

The Fam

Maddie with her morning hot cocoa in front of the campfire

Nature walk

Exploring the tide pools

The lighthouse at Shelter Cove

A week after we returned home we were on the road again. This time to Lake Tahoe. The cabin is always a welcome retreat. My Tahoe favorites are:

spending time with family

sleeping in (I sleep so soundly up there)

the beautiful scenery; you just can't beat it

trail rides at the equestrienne center for me and pony rides for maddie

dipping my toes in the lake

the sound of a peaceful breeze whispering through the trees

pancake breakfasts! the elevation makes them soooo light and fluffy

piper's patisserie; the food is divine!

getting some r&r

This visit was no different. Only Maddie got her horse time this visit. Horseback riding is one of those pregnancy taboos. Just visiting the stables made me ache for a horseback ride! Oh well, there's always next year. To make up for it I found a seafood dish that I could actually eat when we had dinner at Cottonwood. Ocean fish, yet another taboo! But Cottonwood (which is beautiful by the way) was serving basa fish; it's freshwater!!! Soooooo delicious!!!! I miss fish so much.

We visited friends who were staying at Heritage Cove at King's Beach. The water was so low Maddie could wade out beyond the pier. It is quite sad to see the lake so low, but we all had fun walking so far out. Plus the low levels kept the water warmer. It was the first time I did not have to wait for my body to numb up before venturing out above my feet!

Ready to ride! Pony ride with Mom and Nana Gail

You lookin' at me?!

Happy in Tahoe

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