Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Want to Sleep...

...and I can't. UGH! I really hate it when this happens. It is 11pm and I need to sleep. Man, I remember the days when the nights didn't begin until 11pm! . That was before one child, one on the way, a husband, and two dogs. These days I am comatose by 11. In the back of my mind I know Maddie will be up by 6:30 and I will need to let Mischa out to go potty. I can turn on the TV for Maddie and let the dog in, but sleep will be spotty after that. Tilly will get restless in her crate, letting me know she wants out too. Maddie will come in and tell me there is something I need to see on TV. Or she will just sit there and stare at me, hoping her laser vision will wake me from my slumber. Then I will hear Todd in the background scolding her, "Maddie! Let mommy sleep!" It's all downhill after that.
As if the desire to sleep wasn't bad enough, but I am hungry too. Baby must be growing, I have been hungry all friggin' day. And really, I don't want to eat anything our home has to offer. Goldfish? Over them! Graham crackers? Already snacked on those today! Rice cakes? Not appealing lately! What I want is a big, juicy, yellow and red organic apple.

Is this one of those late night preggo cravings I always hear about? I have been coveting apples throughout this pregnancy, worse than I did with Maddie. The irony is that I am allergic to them! Oh the humanity! But for whatever reason, I have less of a reaction to organic apples. But damn that apple looks good!!! Of course I ate the last apple Monday and have yet to return to the store!

Anyhoo... changing subjects and hoping to get the apple craving out of my mind...

I have almost completed my Christmas banner and cannot wait to post it! It is made out of embellished fabric flags (Nikki's banner inspired me.) I began this project last Christmas and have been working on it sporadically ever since. I just need to buy some eyelets and string it together. But I am quite proud of it and eager to hang it when the holidays arrive.

In the meantime I have been working on two other projects. The first is a paper Halloween banner. I just have to buy the ribbon and string it. I made two Christmas banner last year. One I kept and the other was a Secret Santa gift. Here is the Christmas banner I made last year (fyi, this one was actually completed and displayed in time for Christmas!)

My other project is three wooden blocks I am decorating. I bought one for each of us. I covered them in coordinating card stock. Each will have a current photo and a baby photo of us, plus other embellishments. I thought they would look great on the mantle above the fireplace. These will take a little longer. I have to find the right photos and embellishments. Perfection takes time!

Well, it is 11:30, maybe it is time to attempt the sleep thing again. Wish me luck!

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Kathryn said...

I have had fun looking through your craftiness photos. You are extremely talented. I was always so jealous of my sister who inherited that gene.

And, I love the diaper bag! :)