Tuesday, August 26, 2008

I Made It...

through the first two days of school! Although I could have stayed home forever, it was truly nice to see all the wonderful people I work with. So much fun to share summer stories. Some of my co-workers took amazing vacations while others just relished sleeping in. One thing I have noticed upon returning to work, it takes me a lot longer to get from point A to point B. Everyone wants to touch my big preggo belly and talk about baby. It's great to be surrounded by women who love and are supportive of pregnancy. Everyone asks me if the belly-rubbing bothers me. My response is always, as long as I know the person doing the rubbing I don't mind! So far making it through the day is not too bad. I know there will be a point where I really begin to sloooow down. That is when things will get interesting. Although at this point I can no longer participate in PE and will need to sit in a chair during music, rather than on the floor with the kids. This is a pregnancy challenge for me. I want to do what everyone else is doing. Usually I forget about the big, round belly in front of me until I try to do something I used to be able to do with ease.

My mom and I were shopping last week and popped into the Right Start Store. I had been oohing and ahhing over those adorable baby slings before I even got pregnant. Once I got pregnant I knew I had to have one. But it was hard to justify the $60 price tag when there are so many other things we need. Although I knew in the long run the price was not going to stop me, but just make me feel extra-guilty for the splurge. Fast forward to the shopping excursion with my mom. We found the cutest sling on sale for $25 (regularly $60!!!) I love deals like that! It is such a conquest! I found the same one listed on Nordstrom.com for $60. Here is my new baby sling:

I can only dream of being this thin after the baby is born! I love the retro fabric! Plus it reverses to brown. I can't wait to use it!

Maddie's first day of school was today. It just about killed me to miss it. The event just felt like one of those things a mom should be at. But with maternity leave coming up and doctor's appointments on the horizon I had a difficult time justifying it this year (at least to myself, not my school.) Bottom line, I felt guilty for not going, and I would have felt guilty for missing work. After school we talked all about her day. She was so excited to make new friends in her class. This was her favorite part of the school day. I was so happy for her. Nothing warms a mommy's heart like hearing joy in their child's voice. Sigh...she is just such a blessing to our family :).

On the crafting agenda for this week:

*finish curtains in Maddie's room

*organize more craft supplies into storage cubes

*string together Christmas banner

*start working on Halloween banner

*complete one scrapbook page

Must catch up in crafting before the baby is born!!!!!!!!!!!! But honestly, is a crafter ever truly "caught up"?!

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