Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Family Visit and the End of Summer

My aunt and cousin came to California for a visit last week. It was so great to see them and reminisce over our favorite memories. So many of our family stories leave us in stitches, whether it is camping stories, holiday adventures, our roadtrip to Wisconsin. Inevitably we always talk fondly and share memories of my grandpa who passed away eight years ago. This photo is one of my favorites of Grandpa. He is in his element here: enjoying his morning coffee next to a river while camping. The peaceful chatter of birds and the rustle of the river flowing by. Aside from being with family, these were the moments Grandpa lived for.

The photo above is one of my favorite memories, a camping trip in Oregon in 1983 (as if you couldn't tell from our bad fashion statements!) I am on the left and my cousin is on the right. We had a blast on that trip. One thing that has stuck in my mind from that trip was how we carried our Tender Heart Care Bears everywhere we went. At one point they all lived in Washington and we would meet every summer in Oregon for a camping trip. Now that we are living in different states we don't get to see each other quite as often, but it is great to get together when we can. Nothing beats family!
Maddie is getting ready to return to school, as am I. She is incredibly excited, I wish I could say the same for me. Summer break was so nice and relaxing, I don't want to go back! I have been spoiled with getting to sleep in everyday this summer while being pregnant. It is definitely going to be an adjustment to get up at 6am Monday through Friday for work. Although I dread returning, I am excited to see everyone I work with. They are all amazing people, very passionate about their students and teaching.
The return to school always signified the end of summer for me. But just like all of the years past, I am looking forward to fall. It is one of my favorite seasons (fall and spring). When the air becomes crisp and cool. It is just chilly enough for me to wear one of my fun scarves and a lightweight sweater. Although this year I will be in my last trimester and may be too hot for a scarf! Ugh, hormones! And I am madly in love with our October family tradition. We visit a pumpkin patch in Half Moon Bay that is nothing short of amazing. I look forward to it all year!
It will be sad to see another summer go, but fall shall bring so many wonderful adventures to look forward to.

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