Saturday, July 11, 2009


It has been far too long since my last post. As usual time got away from me. Life is so different with two kids. The days slip by much faster than I would like. But I need to try and set aside some time for blogging every few days. If I just get in the habit...
The kids are getting so big. Maddie has graduated onto first grade. She is enjoying the freedom that summer brings. She spent four weeks in swimming lessons and loved every splish-splashing minute of it. That time in the pool has turned her into our little brown girl. Aside from swimming lessons, Maddie's summer has consisted of walks to ice cream, visits to her grandparents' houses, crafty art projects, reading, and playing. Sigh...what a life!

Luke is now five months. FIVE MONTHS! He is so flippin' big. We call him our moose. He says da-da, is trying to figure out that whole crawling business, and is now eating solids. He was not a fan of peas, but has found them to be tolerable when mixed with carrots. He also loves his sweet potatoes. He is a very good eater. Baby food is a lot easier to make than I had anticipated. Lucas is a very happy baby most of the time. Although if he is tired all bets are off. He has an ugly side when he is tired (just like his mama!) With his constant smile and willingness to charm just about anyone people flock to him. I have been blessed to have two kids who are gregarious babies.

I have been busy working on the backyard, cleaning house, taking care of children and dogs, going to the gym, learning some fabulous new tricks with Photoshop, and trying to squeeze in some crafting time when I can get it. Nothing ever feels 100% done or completed. But I think that is how life is when you have two youngsters who need a lot of attention. Now if I could just learn to accept that... How did June Cleaver do it? And while wearing pearls no less!
Todd is busy working and helping around the house on his days off. We try to cram in as much as we can when he is home. As long as he can watch the news while drinking his coffee and reading the paper in the morning he is happy. We did have a date day in the Napa Valley a week ago. It was so nice, just the two of us.
We are looking forward to our visit to Tahoe and summer camping trip to Big Sur later this month. A couple getaways and some much needed R&R. Not to mention some great photo ops!

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