Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Slave Labor

Since Iquit my job I have been joking about my new role in our home (wife, mother, slave) and the sad fact that I am no longer an official wage earner . Tonight on our way home Todd and I had this conversation:

Todd: "Your wages are your cell phone, gym membership, and car insurance. Why should I cut I you a check when I can pay them directly?" snicker, chuckle, chuckle.
Me: "That's not labor, that's indentured servitude!" scowl

Sigh, the dewy-eyed, romantic phase of our marriage is officially out the window (along with my sanity)! The reality of life with two kids and two dogs.

Easter, by the way, was great. I was exhausted from the festivities the day before. Therefore I should say, Easter was about as good as it could get for a tired, cranky, bitchy mommy (and no, I am notover exaggerating the bitchiness, just ask my husband who vowed to love me in good times and pissy.) My friend's parents host an Easter blow out on their ranch every year the Saturday before. The shindig is on a 5-acre ranch complete with horses, a whopper of a play structure, a goat, jumpy house, face painting, an Easter egg hunt, and all of the food you could ever want. My Weight-Watchers-after-baby thing, not so much on Saturday. I brought a whole new meaning to gluttony: fudge, a nacho station, tri-tip, cupcakes, my yummy brownies. Maddie and I took turns riding one the horses. It felt good to get back into a saddle, even if it was for a brief moment (Luke wailed and duty called.) We left the ranch completely devoid of any of the energy we arrived with. Maddie went straight to bed with a solid dusting of dirt from head to toe and I was too tired to really care.
We celebrated Easter Sunday at my in-laws. Maddie was quite excited to discover all of the eggs the Easter Bunny left in Nana and Papa's backyard. Ahhh, the joys of childhood. I wish I had a bunny that left treat-filled eggs for me in my backyard! How great would it be to find eggs filled with baubles from Tiffany's?! Seriously, that's not such a bad idea. Not sure how Todd would feel about it though... Because it was a holiday we loaded her up on sugar 'til she was bouncing off of the walls. Brunch was finished off with a chocolate bunny AND a cupcake. For those of you who have never seen Maddie on sugar, she couldn't be more high if we gave her a few lines of coke. And for all of the naysayers who say sugar doesn't make kids hyper, you have never seen MY kid! So we save the copious doses of sugar for special occasions and holidays. It makes life easier for Todd and me. We continued the Easter celebration into the evening with Skip and Mary (our bonus-parents). We had dinner at Eddie Papas. Maddie did a few more hits of sugar after dinner (all meals are followed with a gratuitous serving of cotton candy.) By the time we got home Todd and I melted into bed we were so tired.

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