Sunday, April 26, 2009

The Happiest Sick Baby You Ever Did Meet!

Little Luke is sick with a cold. He is only three months and is already sick for the SECOND time! It is amazing how many more cooties come into the house when you have TWO kids. Especially since one of them visits the mothership of germ warfare five days a week. That "mothership" also goes by the name of kindergarten. Maddie did not get her first cold until ten months. Sigh... the benefit of her being the only child, no strange cooties entering the home in a continuous stream.
And now I have to worry myself sick over swine flu to boot? This may send me over the edge permanently!
Lukey must take after his dad because he sure is not the cranky, incorrigible patient his mom is while is sick. He continues to smile and coo when we hold him or talk to him. If anything, he is even more pleasant while ill. How does that work?!? Not sure and I am not going to challenge it. The kid may be a fussy baby, but pleasant to be around during a cold? I'll take it and run! Fortunately he has only had only one low-grade fever (99 degrees) during this bout of contamination.
But Luke has introduced me to the world of croup. I never had the opportunity to experience this pleasantry with Maddie. Nothing puts panic in your heart like waking to your infant's barking cough at 2am! And for the record, events like this always happen to me when Todd is not home. True to form, he was at work during this event. So Luke and I had a steam party in the bathroom, which we later moved outdoors to the cool night air. The last time I was in a balmy room in the middle of the night was in my twenties and bar hopping. My oh my how things have changed!
Here are some current photos of our little cootie catcher at two and a half months. I am lovin' the fauxhawk! And to answer everyone's main question, no I do not put gel in his hair to get it to stay that way. I just comb it into a fauxhawk after his bath and it stays that way.

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