Saturday, April 25, 2009

Back Off Bitch!

The dogs and I were lounging in the living room catching up on some of the programs I had saved on our DVR. Tilly abruptly got up and left the room. I heard her thumping around in her crate. A few moments later she returned. As she settled herself down on the floor she nonchalantly dropped a milkbone in between her paws. Then she stared intently at Roman and began to lick the bone, savoring its milky deliciousness. He stared back forlornly, "Why does she have a bone?" She continued to smugly lick her bone and look at him, "Back off bitch! This bone is mine!" This proceeded to continue ALL EVENING LONG! She'd grab her bone, get up, and move somewhere else. A while later do it again. It reminded me of two siblings with candy. One eats their candy right away, enjoying their moment of brief gluttony. The other saves it, only to pull it out later and taunt the other sibling with it. "Mmmm, this candy is sooooo goooood. Too bad you already ate YOURS!" Who knew dogs were capable of intentional torture!

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