Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Operation Shock & Awe

This must what your house looks like after the cops conduct drug raid! WOW! It is amazing the mess five kids can make in the course of a few hours. Talk about leaving no stone unturned!

We had several friends and their kids over for dinner Sunday night and this was the wake of destruction that was left behind. In case your are wondering, this used to be Maddie's room. Now, I know her room is under here somewhere! I have to tell you, I don't really mind the mess. I know this is what happens when you get a gaggle of kids together. The way I see it, now that all of the toys have been unearthed I can go through and purge the ones that are never played with.
On Monday Todd and I went to San Francisco for the day. It was our first "date day" since the arrival of Luke. The funny this is, it took more effort to get doggie daycare than it did childcare. And while on our date we received a phone call. One of the phone calls all parents dread while out on a date. The kind that makes you think, "Oh crap! Do we have to cut our excursion short and rescue a child from immanent danger?!" Only this call was not for our child, it was for our DOG! Roman had to learn the hard way that it is best to leave bumble bees alone lest you get stung. Fortunately the little bugger was not allergic so we did not have to rush home.
As we were getting ready for date day, Todd and I began to think it was becoming more trouble than it was worth. Aside from arranging dog care and child care, we also had to load an arsenal of Luke supplies for Grandma and Grandpa. It felt like we were preparing for forty days and night on Noah's Ark!

Two outfits - check!
Four bottles - check!
Formula for four bottles - check!
Boatload of Diapers in case of multiple blowouts - check!
Toys for hours of entertainment and distraction - check!
Two binkies - check
Another binky in case first two fall on germ tainted floor - check!
Burp cloth - check!
Blanket - check!
Plethora of wipes to clean potential massive blowouts - check!
Baby Bjorn to rescue grandparents in case of hysterical meltdown - check!
List complete! Ready to load baby into car. SHIT!!! Forgot the porta-crib!!!
Dash into house with baby and carseat carrier in tow. Dismantle porta-crib and cram into bag.
Porta-crib - check!

Finally! We arrived in The City. I wanted to visit North Beach and take a self guided walking tour. Check out some places we have never been to and get some exercise. I cannot even begin to tell you what a phenomenal day it was in San Francisco! It was 91-friggin' degrees! 91!!! It never gets that hot in The City! I cannot remember the last time it was so hot that I broke a sweat in San Francisco. We had a delicious brunch at Cafe Divine. And it was divine! We hiked to Coit Tower and burned off our meals. That hill and stairs are brutal! My calves hurt just thinking about it. I had never been to the top of the actual tower. With the beautiful weather yesterday was a perfect visit to the top. AMAZING!!! A panoramic view of San Francisco and the bay. Moments like that make me stop and appreciate living in the Bay Area.

After Coit Tower we returned to North Beach and strolled down Columbus Avenue checking out shops and restaurants. We found the most charming candy store, Z Cioccolato. All kinds of candies from my childhood and my mother's childhood. They also make the most decadent fudge (which we sampled of course). The owners are a sweet married couple. Both were there with their six month old son. We spent some time chatting with them about babies, candy and chocolate covered bugs (don't ask!) After our purchase we were on our merry way again.

Next stop was the Transamerica Building. Unfortunately you can no longer visit the top for pure entertainment. You now have to conduct business in the building in order to ride to the top. No fair!We then stumbled upon the Wells Fargo museum and figured, "why not, we're here!" Mildly entertaining.
Before going home I purchased some clothes at the Old Navy flagship store on Market. It felt fabulous to actually look human in regular clothes again. I still have a long way to go before my body is back to normal (or at least as normal as it can be after two babies and c-sections, which let's face it, still leaves a lot to be desired!) But at least clothes FIT. This means I can now take some lighter fluid and a match to my maternity clothes!
Finally we arrived back at the Powell Street station and stumbled onto our train tired, sweaty, and fulfilled. All in all, a great date day in S.F.

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