Monday, October 6, 2008

Smothered With Love

We are so fortunate to have very patient dogs when it comes to children. They may be rambunctious, but they are saints with Maddie. Whether they want the cuddles or not, they deal with them. Granted a child-friendly disposition was essential when we adopted our dogs, but they go above and beyond the call of duty. As she learns what a responsible pet owner is, they allow her a learning curve.

Maddie loves her dogs. Although it is a lot of work raising a child and two canine-crazies, it is worth the effort. Maddie is learning so much from Tilly and Mischa. Maddie is learning responsibility, kindness and compassion towards animals, caring for others, and patience.

Our home is now decorated for Halloween. Last year was the first year I actually began to collect Halloween decorations. So our supply is sparse, but if I add a little every year... My most recent addition is this wreath I made:

I bought the black wreath from Michael's for $3.99. I then bought two different sizes of wood balls with pre-drilled holes. I glittered the medium balls with orange glitter (Martha Stewart glitter) and the small ones with black vintage glass glitter. Here is a tip I did not figure out until I was 3/4 of the way done with the glittering (gotta love the inept preggo brain!): paint the balls the color of the glitter you are using FIRST. Then if the glitter misses a spot you can't see it. The glitter looks much cohesive with paint underneath. Next I found a font I liked and printed out the word BOO on white cardstock. After I cut out the letters I glittered them with the black glitter (can never have too much sparkle!). I cut out the letters with scalloped scissors to add a decorative edge. Then I cut out a slightly larger circle in a dark orange cardstock and mounted the letter piece onto it. I wanted to add a pop of color in the middle of all that black. Next I cut out circles from black and white patterned cardstock. The B and the second O are the same printed cardstock (black with white polka dots). After all of the pieces were done, I strung the balls to individual pieces of wire. I used five orange and two black per cluster. Once I got the clusters arranged I wrapped wire around the clusters to hold them together. I then attached them to the wreath by wrapping the wire around the base of the wreath. Lastly I strung the letters with black ribbon and added a little orange ribbon for extra color. Hang and enjoy! FYI: Be prepared for a glittery mess when you are done! It travels everywhere!

Here is our mantle with the rest of our decorations:

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