Friday, January 21, 2011

Project 365, Week 2

I am getting into the habit of this photo-a-day project.  I will admit some days are better than others.  But it continues to be more fun than work (thus far!)
Running a few errands after I picked Maddie up from school.  While stopped at a traffic light I was able to snap this photo.  Here we are, rushing to get everything done.
Furniture shopping.  Ugh!  Trying to converge our two styles plus our needs.  Might just be impossible!  We each gravitate to different styles.  Didn't know this task would be so much WORK!
Relaxing with a well-deserved glass of wine after two days of working on my photo-blog for Pixel Pages (& furniture shopping).  I think my butt is permanently flat after sitting in front of the computer all that time. 
Lying in wait...  Tilly biding her time until  food drops from Lucas' breakfast.  It reminds me of lions stalking their prey in Africa...only this is my living room and we have no zebras or gazelles(pretty sure there is some sort of city code against that).
Lukey all snuggled up to Tilly.  She quietly waits for opportunity & then sneaks in one giant "slurp!"

The weather this week has been glorious!  This is why I love living in Cali.  We had a month of miserable freezing weather.  This week's temps (high 60s) was a welcome respite.  This evening was still a little warm and everything had a lovely orange & purple glow.  Spring is coming & I can't wait!

This is what 8 hours of school looks like, and it ain't pretty!  I look so bad I was tempted to touch up the bags under my eyes, but I am keeping it real folks.  Jan. 18th, my first day back at school.  8 hours in front of a computer is going to be a struggle.
Variety has been my biggest challenge so far.  Because I spend so much time with my kiddos most of my photos are of them.  So I am attempting to branch out when the opportunity presents itself.  After all, this is Project 365, not 365 Days  of My Kids.  But when you are a SAHM most of your days are filled with kids and the photos reflect that.

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