Friday, January 14, 2011

Project 365, Week 1

After reading the Shutter Sisters Blog I became inspired to do my own Project 365.  I figure it would help me actually stick to my New Year's resolutions.  The goal of Project 365 is to take a photo everyday, which is one of my resolutions.  I have decided to post the photos each week.  This will help keep me on track for my "post to my blog at least once a week" resolution.  Shutter Sisters has some amazing photos on their blog.  Because it is a glimpse into my day-to-day life I anticipate some mundane photos, but their blog definitely gives me something to aspire to.  This project will force me to not be so complacent in my everyday surroundings while achieving personal goals.  Wish me luck!
Here are the links to some of my favorite Shutter Sisters Project 365:

These little self-portraits are outside of Maddie's classroom.  Every month her teacher has them write a new speech bubble.  This month the speech bubbles are their New Year's resolutions.  I love to snap a photo of Maddie's each month.

My never-ending battle with laundry.

A glimpse into the day of a typical SHAM:  drop off at school, grab some coffee & breakfast, & head my smorgasbord of daily errands.  Target Greatland being my favorite.

Some of the projects that are on my to-do list:  places to camp this summer, our route for my girls' trip with Maddie, how to become more bloggin savvy, and the constant pursuit of learning new photography skills.  And what is a good book without some Tootsie Rolls?!

A visit to Lowe's for a home-project.  This photo is so typical of Lucas; getting into mischief, while his right shoe & sock on the floor below him. 

Todd & I had my in-laws sister-in-law, neice, & mother-in-law over for dinner.  Lucas thoroughly enjoyed the dessert they brought over!

I volunteer in Maddie's class for writer's workshop.  It has become something I look forward to every week.  I love to hear what Maddie and her fellow classmates have to say.  Each student has their own unique voice & they are so excited to have someone to listen.  Love those stories!

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