Saturday, December 4, 2010


Earlier this week Lucas ran out of our bedroom and into the wall.  There were some sobs and tears, but he calmed down rather quickly.  Didn't think much of it.  Fast forward a couple of hours and here is what I found on his poor little melon after his bath:
I guess he didn't hit the wall so much as he hit the corner of the wall.  AAAK!  Poor lil' man!  His bangs were hiding this big, gnarly lump.  Of course, by this time Todd was at work and it was just me at home (these never happen when he's here to help.)  All I could think of was what if he has a TBI (traumatic brain injury)?!?  What if he goes the way of Natasha Richardson?!  I swear after she died from that skiing accident I have never looked at head boo boos the same!  What if I take him to the hospital and they think I did it?!  Fortunately my mom is a nurse.  I called "Nurse Grandma", got some medical advice, and kept him up another hour watch for sings of a concussion.  In the end, all was OK and Lucas proceeded to get a few more lumps and bumps from various accidents throughout the week.  Sigh, boys....

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