Thursday, August 13, 2009

All Hail Betsey Johnson

She is by far one of my favorite shoe designers. Her shoes actually make me swoon! I am one of those people who believe that the shoes make the outfit. Even Todd has commented on this when I have worn "boring" shoes. I even wore four inch fuscia stillettos under my wedding dress. I bought my first pair of "Betsey's" for my 3oth birthday. It was a gift to myself. The leopard! The rhinestones! They were fun and fabulous. Oooooh how I love those shoes!!! Seriously, they are one of the things I would grab in case of a fire. Yes, I know they are shoes. But there are shoes, and then there are shoes. These are shoes. Anyhoo, since leaving a good paying job to work in public school I took an extremely painful paycut. As a result, the shoe fetish had to be tamed a little. It's not the money it's the personal reward you get from working with children, right? That's what I kept repeating to myself at least (truth be told, it was very fulfilling, even without all of the extra shoe funds.) Fast forward to now, my shoe slush fund is non-existent since I no longer work outside of the home. I had to sacrifice "things" for quality time with my kids. I just have to repeat that "personal fulfillment" mantra when I find myself leaving a trail of drool through the Nordstrom shoe department (which is best just to avoid at all costs.)

Todd is a groomsman in a rather formal wedding this month. I was hoping to fit into a fabulous dress that has been patiently waiting in my closet for the perfect debut. But, SIGH!, my body is not quite ready for the dress(read: still has its fair share of post-baby lumps and bumps.) Therefore I am left with a simple black cocktail dress (that also camouflages all those flaws I am still working on.) I was bummed about the whole dress issue (not to mention the post-baby bod!) But Super-Hubby to the rescue! Todd was kind enough to buy me a fabulously sassy pair of Betsey's that I had been coveting as a consolation prize.Seriously ladies, how many of you can say your hubby bought you sexy designer shoes?!?! Sorry, still giddy and I had to gloat. For one night I will get to feel like Cinderella and not a frumpy SAHM.

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