Thursday, December 10, 2009

A Third Party In My Bed

Todd I were super-excited to have our bed returned to normal after Lucas arrived. No more cumbersome preggo Buddha belly between us. No more sleeping with multiple pillows to support the aforementioned belly. Ahhh…bedtime harmony restored! Tilly would occasionally bunk with us at night. But she is tiny and gets down the moment she begins to feel warm.
At night we would hunker down in bed to watch TV, Todd, Tilly, and I. We tried to encourage Roman to join us but he would have none of it. We felt guilty about the snuggle-time he was missing out on. Yes, I know he is a dog and could probably give a damn. But the stabs of guilt coupled with his sad brown doggy eyes was more than we could bear. We tried lugging his unwilling, heavy body up onto our bed (which for the record is about four feet high) only to have him fight us every step of the way, fall to the floor, and scramble under the bed to curse his stupid pet humans.
Finally one night we got him into bed. We. Created. A. Monster. Now that he has experienced the joy that is a pillow-top mattress there is no removing him. A typhoon could hit our bed and he would not move. And personal space? No such thing for our velcro canine! His favorite spot is wedged between Todd and me.
Yes, I know, we did this to ourselves. And to be honest I really don’t mind. On nights when Todd is working late it is nice to have to “someone” to keep me warm. Yes he smells like dog and licks his butt, but the doggy snuggles more than make up for it.
Let’s face it this dog has a whipped!

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